Common Supplies Needed in Growing Marijuana at Home

Marijuana has been recommended to many patients who need treatment for an array of problems. Those who receive prescriptions for marijuana as part of their treatment regimen prefer growing marijuana themselves. Not only do this have perceived financial savings, patients are guaranteed to get top quality marijuana. The following supplies are the basic requirements in cultivating marijuana at home:


Growing a good strain of marijuana begins with the seeds. Two main Cannabis strains available in the market are Sativa and Indica. Both types possess different physical features. Sativa grows faster than Indica, but they grow as taller plants and may not be suitable for people with smaller lawn areas or property sizes. Indicas are shorter, but with shorter flower period.

Regardless of the type you’ll choose, it’s important to find the best seeds to ensure quality marijuana plants grown at home. Numerous sources are  known suppliers of top caliber marijuana seeds that can be used for home cultivation.


Just like any plants, growing weed indoors will also benefit from using fertilizers. Fertilizers serve as source of nutrients that can be used for promoting healthy plant growth. Proper nutrients will also promote the plant to grow with utmost quality.

Fertilizers can be easily made at home, which is a common practice among home gardeners. Not only does this guarantee safe plant growth, it makes the plant possess better quality than it should. Making DIY fertilizers is easy as you can now see guides in making your own marijuana fertilizer using items accessible to you.

Aside from DIY fertilizers, sellers also have an array of fertilizers to choose from. Look for guides in choosing the right fertilizers or ask the sellers themselves.


Using pots for growing weed depends on patients’ interest. Those with larger areas lawn areas don’t need extra pot for cultivating marijuana. They can just plant the marijuana on their ground. Doing so will result to taller plants.

For those without lawn areas, using pots guarantee quality marijuana growth even when done indoors. Growing weed doesn’t require special pots as users can choose according to their space at home.


Watering marijuana is important. However, many people growing marijuana have problems with overwatering their plants, resulting to low quality plant growth. Don’t overwater marijuana and follow other useful watering guides to ensure proper growth.

Basic Gardening Tools

Investing in basic gardening tools will kickstart someone in cultivating marijuana. Users can use simple handheld shovels, rakes and other basic gardening tools. They don’t have to invest in extremely expensive supplies as cheap gardening tools for beginner gardeners are now available.

Patients who need continuous supply can opt to growing marijuana right at their homes. Keep these basic supplies in mind and you’ll have an idea about how easy this procedure is.