RPO – Checkmate to All Recruitment Problems

rpocompanyindiaIt is the fact that employees of the company play a major role in its success. Employees are most significant part of a company, hired to be careful in order to achieve the targets and meet the success. Of course, the success of a company matters profits as well. A company or firm is not a single person but associated with a number of employees. Company’s growth completely depends on the fruitful outputs of employees. Until and unless employees are not skillful, it is impossible to expect growth of the company.

This shows the significance of employees in a company. Every company will have a recruiter or employer who is responsible for hiring candidates having right profile. It is a tough task to hire employees with careful refining as it refers to scanning for relevant applications, comparing the skill requirements, conducting the pre-interview tests, refining the maximum people for the final phase of the interview, training the final selected candidates for employment etc. All these are time taking the process and require high attention as a selection of a candidate mismatch with the job profile requirements is simply a loss.

Initially, this entire process was carried out by companies but later with the increase in competition, it has become hectic for companies to recruit candidates due to heavy competition. This created a gap between employers and employees which is now fulfilled by sourcing services. There are many sourcing services came into existence today helping the companies to hire candidates with right profiles which are a perfect match for their job requirements. In addition, there are some sourcing services offering end to end recruitment services, offshore recruitment facility, night search services etc. All these services are helpful to screen right candidate profiles meeting the exact requirements of the company. RPO is one of the best sourcing services suggesting customized recruitment process for hiring candidates.

Understanding the Process

The main task of sourcing service starts from a screening of candidates CVs, continued with candidate screening, candidate sourcing, and CV screening by using job requirements as screening parameters, examining the resumes and cover letters and screening them according to the expectations of the company. A dedicated sourcing specialist of a sourcing service is responsible for screening the right profiles and maintaining coordination between company and employees. The best parts of sourcing services are offshore recruitment facility and night search service. A dedicated recruitment sourcing service will have a special offshore recruitment team which provides relevant candidate database to companies helping them to recruit highly qualified and suitable candidates meeting their job requirements.

Night search service offered by sourcing services is the best option for busy employers and urgent requirements. Night sourcing experts of the sourcing service will help to refine the candidates profiles based on the job requirements. These experts refine the candidate profiles taken from multiple job portals, social media websites, online business directories, search engines, cover letter sources etc. Night search service facilitates fast recruitment within the short time period as the night sourcing experts will save the company time by screening the relevant profiles in the night and offering them to the client before the day starts. This will save time and money of the company. Overall, taking the assistance of sourcing service is the best way to recruit perfect candidates for job profiles.